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Michelle's Project

Cauvery River

About Michelle

I am Michelle from Bangalore studying in grade 8 from Anthony Claret School, Jalahalli.
I like playing indoor and outdoor sports a lot.
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Michelle's project details:

This project is about the Dying Cauvery River.
This is for the people to know how we are polluting nature.

print('''1.About Cauvery river
2.Usage of the river
3.Danger signs
4.How to save the river''')
choice=int(input('enter ur choice 1,2,3,4'))
if choice==1:
    print(''' Birth place of Cauvery is in TalaCauvery(Brahmagiri hills) at Kodagu district in western ghats.
The river flows in 3 states-Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and one U.T. (Pondicherry)
Mouth outs in Bay of Bengal.
River flows 845 kms to reach Bay of Bengal.
15 million people are dependent on this river
Cauvery is as old as 1500 years. It rots are in Tamil book Silappadi Karam and Kannada book Kavirajamarga.''')
elif choice==2:
    print('''for irrigation & agriculture .
Mainly grown crops are rubber, rice, areca and coffee plantation.
From 1970 Areca and coffee plantation effect the natural water bed of the river.''')
elif choice==3:
    print('''20,000 hectare forest has been destroyed .
TDS level of Cauvery is 1450/mg .As per WHO fixed TDS level as 300/mg for drinking usage.
total 96 dams and 10 barrages & 54 lift irrigation project &15 hydropower projects were tied the flowing water.
Banglore is getting Cauvery water for drinking purpose.
4000 stay homes + resorts in Kodagu district destroying Cauvery and landslides are also happening.
in Trichy & Erode 10,000 truck loads of sand is looted by sand mafia.
the river mouth is blocked in the ocean  due to this ocean is encroached 12 kms of river bed area.''')
elif choice==4:
    print('''Best is to plant trees on either sides of river. Minimum 5 km area on either side of river should be protected.
Ban any activities in this area.
Protect water from sewage and industrial effluence.
These measure s may enhance the life of river.
But preventing a natural cycle of river birth and death may not be under our control
For saving any river ensuring that the flow is not stopped by the construction of back to back dams,
halting deforestation, sand mining, stopping inland waterways, stopping interlinking of rivers, protecting wildlife.''')

Name: Michelle James
Grade: 8
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