India's First and Only "Code Teaching Platform" Designed for Schools & Colleges !

GiveMeFive empowers schools and colleges with powerful tools to manage all aspects of teaching programming without any prior programming experience and on premise hardware and software installation.

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Curriculum designed by industry experts for engineering colleges & high school cirriculum covering logical thinking, problem solving skills to programming

Designed for Schools and Colleges

Start teaching programming in your school and college without any programming experience.

Teach all popular courses

Teach all popular programming languages without worrying about content or on premise hardware/software installation. Teachers teach and students learn just using browser

Courses Available (Engineering / CBSE / ICSE Syllabus)

Easy to learn, readable programming language

to create beautiful interactive websites

Multi-device, Multi-platform app development Language

Develop embedded system applications

Build websites and applications, simplifies common repetitive tasks.

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Bring Coding to your School and Colleges

Course created to by industry experts

Courses are created to cater to basic to advanced level learners by industry leading experts.

Before programming, learn logical thinking

Gamified logical thinking courses, enables to think logically before you even start programming

100% Browser based solution

Students learn to code just using browser without any computer lab setup. We take care of all hardware and software requirement

No programming experience required

We take care of verifying the students performance by checking for various parameters, freeing teachers from mundane job

Indepth reports

Teachers track each student and classroom progress with in depth customizable reports for each course

Projects evaluated by industry experts

Solve real life problems as projects and get feedback from industry experts

India's first and only code teaching platform for school and colleges

"GiveMeFive" - is a Offline & Online integarted platform to learn logical thinking & programming by using fun 5-minute Byte Sized learning Concepts. Our Mission - We believe that India to be competitive in the global market, we need to make younger Indian generation to learn programming at very early age. Basically we believe - ”EVERYONE CAN CODE!”

Focus on learning logical thinking, Problem solving skills & Programming

Byte sized learning where small concept can be learnt every 5 minutes.

Offline-Online blended approach with instructor led flexible classes with DIY activities

Explanations in your own/vernacular languages. 1-ON-1 teacher Support


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