AI and Code Learning for Today's Millennials !

Our Unique Code Teaching Methodology

Visual Code Learning

We assure your first coding experience will be fun ! Using in browser code editor your first interaction with code will bring out the artist on you.

Cloud Based Virtual Code Editor

We have taken care of hosting 30+ programming language compilers on cloud. So you can just concentrate on programming and not troubleshooting installation of compilers. All you need is internet and browser to get started !

Learn Data Science and More

In GiveMeFive you are always learning the latest courses relevant to market !. Checkout some of our new courses like Advanced Python , R Visualization and more...

Courses Available

easy to learn, readable programming language

multi-device, multi-platform app development Language

used for developing games, compilers, operating systems, gui application

develop embedd applications

programming language for statistical analysis, graphics representation and reporting.

manage large data

AI Course mapped to CBSE Class 8 and Class 9 including AI fun activities and card based games

software development methodology

learn logic through games

Bring Coding to your School(NCERT/CBSE/ICSE) and Graduation Colleges

See AI Syllabus

Course created to by industry experts

Courses are created to cater to basic to advanced level learners by industry leading experts.

Before programming, teach logical thinking

Gamified logical thinking courses, enables students to think logically before you even start programming

100% Browser based solution

Students learn to code just using browser without any computer lab setup. We take care of all hardware and software requirement

No programming experience required

We take care of verifying the students performance by checking for various parameters, freeing teachers from mundane job

Indepth reports

Teachers track each student and classroom progress with in depth customizable reports for each course. Click here for free teacher training

Projects evaluated by industry experts

Solve real life problems as projects and get feedback from industry experts


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