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Aarya's Project


About Aarya

Aarya is 11 year old. She is studying in grade 6 at NPS International school. Always cheerful, loves to explore.
Aarya loves Swimming and Tennis. She has won a couple of tennis tournaments.

Aarya's project details:

I have designed a calculator using Python programming concepts. Here you can do basic math operations.


print('''Welcome to my calculator.
Choose operations you need to perform ? Choose from 1 to 5
1 ----> Addition
2-----> Subtraction
3-----> Multiplication
4 ----> Division
5 ----> Remainder
# Taking user input
operations=int(input("Enter Your Choice 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5"))

number1=int(input("enter first number"))
number2=int(input("enter second number"))

if operations==1:
    result1= number1+number2
    print("The result of addition is : " ,result1)

elif operations==2:
    result1= number1-number2
    print("The result of subtraction is : " ,result1)

elif operations==3:
    result1= number1*number2
    print("The result of multiplication is : " ,result1)

elif operations==4:
    result1= number1/number2
    print("The result of division is : " ,result1)

elif operations==5:
    result1= number1%number2
    print("The remainder of two numbers is : " ,result1)

elif operations>5:
    print("Invalid operation, please re-run the programme") 
Name: Aarya Shenoy
Grade: 6

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