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Shlok's Project


About Shlok

Hello Everybody! My name is Shlok Bajpai. I was born in Lima,Peru and my parents are from Jabalpur,India.

I like basketball because to me, it tells me all about life. When I miss, it just tells me to practice harder, and when I make it, I pat myself on the back and keep going. When I pass to my teammates it tells me about friendship, and at times you can pass to your friends, and trust that they will have your back.

When my coach calls time, I have to know how to listen to him, and how to respect him, because he is taking the time to tell me what to do.

print( """The rules of basketball are really simple.

- If you dribble with both hands, coaches can call a double dribble on you, and give the ball to the

- Players have to stay in bounds, the whole time. If they go out of bounds, the ball will be given to
    the opponents.
- No elbowing people, and though you might not be trying to do this, people will call a foul and after
    many `accidents` you will be out.
- On the court, you will find many lines. If you score from the big half circle, you will get 3-points
    and though it might not seem hard, it is""")

choice=int(input("What would you like to know?"))
    print("""Dribble= One of the most basic rules of basketball is to always dribble when moving, and dribbling with one
hand only. Dribbling is always about bouncing the ball. When you dribble, you bounce with one hand while
try to avoid the others taking the ball from you.""")

    print("""Passing= When you pass, you are throwing the ball to your teammates so that if they are closer
    or they are open, which means nobody is blocking them. There are 4 basic types of passes.

    -The first one is the chest pass. In chest pass, you are directly passing the ball to your teammates
    chest. You normally do chest pass when you are close to the hoop, which is the ring you shoot in.
    With your chest pass, they can directly shoot to the hoop, and won't need to dribble""")

    print("""Blocking= In basketball, a block is when the defence is stopping you from scoring in the
    right way. That could be someone throwing the ball out of the hoop, before it reaches the inside""")

    print("""Shooting= The most basic shots are the Lay- ups which mean you get really close to the hoop
    and then you shoot, the jump shot, where you jump from anywhere possible and try to make your shot, the
    bank shot, which is a type of jump shot, and then the dunk. The dunk is the most powerful shot in
    which your hands throw the ball inside the hoop""")

    print("""Jumping= Jumping is very important to play basketball. It is important for shooting and for
    defending. If someone doesn't jump while shooting, the defender will easily take out the ball from the
    shooter's hands. Same for defending. If someone isn't jumping while they defend, the player will easily
    put the ball in the hoop.""")

    print("""Fouls= There are 2 basic types of fouls. The first one is the Personal Foul. You cannot slap people
    or touch people in the face or push them. That is a personal foul. Even while shooting, you may not
    harm the defender. That immediately becomes offensive. 5 personal fouls, and then you are out of the
    game. For basketball players, that is very shameful. Technical fouls are when there is bad language
    or an argument going on. If very serious, players can be called after the match to discuss.""")
    print("Pick the right choice")

Name: Shlok Bajpai Pandey
Grade: 8


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