Name: Niharikaa N.
Grade: 7
Design of Lightweight Airplane Wing:

Wing is the major component for the lift production in an aircraft. Anything light is easy to fly. But that is not the only requirement for flying. It has to be safe too. Hence, we need to think about strength. Our kids attempted to design their own lightweight airplane wing using papers, plastic etc. If we consider a paper which is light in weight, it cannot bear the load of a cup of pebbles, stones, water etc. But if the same paper is designed with hollow structures, then it can be made strong enough to carry heavy loads.

Parents Testimonial

  It was interesting to learn something new other than academics and a great experience. Ashwini ma’am was a cool, had lots of patience to answer all my queries.
Parents of Niharikaa

Teacher Testimonial

  Niharikhaa is an intelligent girl. She was attentive and interactive in the class. She always asked valid questions and went into the depth of the concept. Her lightweight wing project was inspirational to her batchmates. I wish you all the best Niharikhaa!
Ashwini Ramesh
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