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Dhivyashree's Project

About Me: My name is Dhivyashree Loganathan. I am studying in 6th std, Indian School Sohar, Oman. I like to know about space. I got interested when I studied about different planets. I want to become a rocket scientist.

3D Rocket Design:

Here are the details about the rockets which I have designed:
1) Grand space shuttle

It is the mission to send five astronauts to Mars in search of life in mars. It has 2 liquid boosters for thrust and a propollent tank. after the 0th and the1st stage falls down the space shuttle is in space no, after a few days it will reach mars.
2) Space explorer
It is a mission to explore the universe. It is a combination of parallel and serial staging. It has 2 boosters and three stages tandemly.
3)Exquisite rocket
It describes the parts of a rocket engine
yellow = combustion chamber
orange= frame of the rocket

Solid propellant rocket:

This is my solid rocket activity, this contains ten match stick chemicals. I got this result after four rocket test failures. The fifth rocket was a success. The fifth one had four match stick chemicals but it did not fly far. This is the video of the sixth rocket. It has ten matchstick chemicals and it flew very far. It is well known that “Failure is the stepping stone for success”, I learnt a lot from the mistakes that I made after the four rocket launch failures and corrected them. Those mistakes were:
I did not remove the chemical from the matchstick instead I just kept it with lot of wood pieces
I did not seal the nose cone perfectly
I did not give enough space between the launching stick and the propollent
I did not place the candle right below the chemical

Name: Dhivyashree Loganathan
Grade: 6
Be the Next Astronaut like : is really helpful with children's education in a good way. Intellectual behavior is improving...
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