Python for BEGGINERS!

Hello Python!

In this course, you will learn to write programs with Python, a widely-used programming language that lets you talk to the computer, control a computer and make discoveries with it. More importantly, you will be learning computer science, you will be learning logic building. Here you will explore how to think about problems before using a computer to solve them. It’s just a language like the one you are reading now (English), unlike communicating with people, it is used to talk to machines for the purpose which you can define. Like English having rules, grammar, syntax, Python do have rules, syntax which are as simple as English.

The most common instructions given to computer in any programming language is: Output: This is the most common instructions you will give a computer is to display some information.An instruction is a unit of work for a computer.

Values A value is a unit of information, like a number. The instruction below tells the computer to display the value 100.

Print (100)

When you click the "play" button, you are telling the computer to execute the program by performing the computer instructions written in it.