GiveMe5 foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to help children of economically underpriviledged and tribal areas throughout the world. We work at the grassroots level in partnerships with local people and Government agency to improve the improve children's access to healthcare, education and try to make positive changes in their life. Also we have very important goal of enhancing participation of youths in research in developing countries and work for skilll development of this youth power.

Child Surgery (GM5-CS) –    Giveme5 provides free surgeries for children from poor and underprivileged class. Hand deformities, congenital malformations are our priorities.
Lymphedema Surgery (GM5-LS) -   Making alliances with local support group from broadest international level to implement and execute lymphedema awareness, morbidity control, Surgery and rehabilitation program. Our team is expert in advanced microsurgical procedures in lymphedema.
Surgical Assistance (GM5-SA) –   We have expert team of specialist surgeons to provide surgical services to people from less fortunate background around the world. For this mission, we are teaming up with other NPO, healthcare workers, in different countries.

Team Work

We are a bunch of likeminded people who have passion to help the community selflessly. We work in collaboration with local communities; encourage the participation of our volunteers and teaming up with relevant NPOs across the globe.

Knowledge Pool

We have teams of specialists dedicated to work on different mission which makes planning and implementation of program effective. We encourage active participation of all team members, volunteers and fellow organization before chalking out any project to make it highly effective and successful.


We are very strict and serious about 'Transparency' of all financial matters of the foundation. So we have chosen people on the basis of their track records and ethical values before inclusion in foundation. All financial matters will be displayed on official website of the foundation and will be open to visitors.