Offline + Online integrated solution to learn logical thinking and programming using 5 minute increment byte sized learning.

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Curriculum covered from logical thinking, Problem Solving skills to Programming

5-minute Byte Sized Learning

Easy to understand, Quick 5-Minute Byte sized learning!

Learn many Programming Languages

Learn Python, C++, Java and many more programming languages at one place, in browser

Courses Available

Easy to learn, readable programming language

to create beautiful interactive websites

Multi-device, Multi-platform app development Language

Develop enterprise web and mobile apps

Build websites and applications, simplifies common repetitive tasks.

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What we offer

Instructor-led Classes

Flexible Offline Instructor-led Classes

1-ON-1 Tutoring

Expert help whenever, wherever.

Real Life Examples

Learn to Logical Thinking and Programming with tempus tellus eget ndime.

Competitive spirit

Competitive spirit through frequent hackathons & contests.

Focus on High Density

Multiple centres to ensure ease of access

Online DIY Courses

Online Do-It-Yourself curriculum with activities & fun projects

Why Choose Us

"GiveMeFive" - is a Offline & Online integarted platform to learn logical thinking & programming by using fun 5-minute Byte Sized learning Concepts. Our Mission - We believe that India to be competitive in the global market, we need to make younger Indian generation to learn programming at very early age. Basically we believe - ”EVERYONE CAN CODE!”

Focus on learning logical thinking, Problem solving skills & Programming

Byte sized learning where small concept can be learnt every 5 minutes.

Offline-Online blended approach with instructor led flexible classes with DIY activities

Explanations in your own/vernacular languages. 1-ON-1 teacher Support


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  • Gamified Learning

  • Flexible Schedules

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Rs.3500/ month

  • Instructor led 1 Hr * 2 classes/week

  • Personalised Learning

  • Learn Logical thinking & Python

Weekend plan

Rs.4500/ month

  • Instructor led 1:30 hrs * 2 classes/weekend

  • Personalised Learning

  • Learn Logical thinking & Python

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